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Documentation And Research On Cellular Base Stations Near Homes

The Health Risks of Cell Towers

Cell Towers Depress Property Values

We’re Not The Only Ones Concerned About Health

German Research on Cell Tower Safety

In a German study, doctors examined close to 1000 patients to see if living at the same address close to a cell tower for 10 years affected cancer risk. The social and age differences within the study group were small, with no ethnic diversity.

They discovered that the proportion of newly developed cancer cases was three times higher for those living within 1300 feet (a quarter of a mile) of a cellular transmitter compared to those living further away. In addition, they found that the patients became ill with cancer on average 8 years earlier.

A distance of 1300 feet (400m) is of particular importance. This is because computer simulation and measurements used in the study indicated that the radiation at that distance or less (the “inner area”) is 100 times greater than emissions beyond that distance (the “outer area”).

Another important observation from the research is that for the first 5 years of living near a cell phone tower, the risks were no different than someone living far away from one. However, in years 6-10, the cancer risks jumped more than threefold for those living a quarter of a mile or less from a mobile tower. Even more concerning, the average age of diagnosis was much younger. Risk for breast cancer, prostate, pancreas, bowel, melanoma, lung, and blood cancer all increased substantially.

The risks for breast cancer were most significant for those living in the inner area, with an average age of 50.8 year for a cancer diagnosis compared with nearly two decades later (70 years of age) for those in the outer area.

Israeli Mobile Phone Tower Research

Israeli research conducted by Tel Aviv University confirms a similar pattern.

In this study, 622 people living 1148 feet (350m) or less from a cell phone transmission station for 3-7 years were compared to 1222 controls living further away.

Out of the high exposure group, 8 cases of cancer were diagnosed within just one year. 3 cases of breast cancer and 1 case each of ovarian, lung, bone, kidney and lymphatic cancer.

In the control group, only 2 cases of cancer occurred even though the control group was roughly twice as large as the highly exposed group.

Based on these results, the researchers calculated the relative risk of cancer to be over four times higher for those living 350m or less (about one-fifth of a mile) from a cell phone transmitter.

Women May Be More Susceptible to Cell Tower Radiation

The Tel Aviv University research found that women appear to be more susceptible to the health effects of living near a cell tower than men. Seven out of the eight cancers that arose during the first year were females. Thus, women living one-fifth of a mile or less from a cell tower experienced a ten fold increase in cancer risk compared with controls.

Cell towers and real estate values

If you are planning to buy a home in the near future, consideration of cellular phone infrastructure nearby is very important. It ranks right up there with schools and other positives and negatives about the neighborhood.

I fully expect that in the future, as more research concerning the effects of EMFs on human biology emerges, real estate prices will be affected by their relative proximity to cell phone towers and/or antennas.

What to Do if You Live Very Close

If you find that you live within the inner circle of cellular towers, my suggestion is to consider moving. Though inconvenient, this is by far the best option. I’ve already had one friend change homes because of extreme sensitivity to high EMFs in her area. To date, Sweden and Germany recognize electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as an actual medical condition. I expect that to grow in the coming years. (12)

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